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Vertu Signature S

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Vertu Signature S Price in India starts from INR 45000. Get a Further 10% Discount on Online Payment. Vertu Luxury Keypad Mobile series known as Vertu Signature was launched by Vertu in 2008 and still is under production. We at Vertu Mobile India give 2 Year warranty on all Vertu Mobiles sold from our official web store We have all the models from Vertu Signature Classic Black Gold Mobile to Vertu Signature Gold Dragon Limited Edition Mobile. We also have some exclusive models such as Vertu Signature Bentley Edition Mobile and Vertu Signature Gold Diamond Mobile.
Vertu Signature collection from Vertu is thoughtfully designed to be recognizable from any angle as our flagship model. Meticulously handcrafted from the finest rare materials to our uncompromising standards, Vertu Signature S is the outstanding, elementary expression of Vertu’s vision. With stunning looks and the finest materials comes the exceptional performance you demand. Vertu Signature Mobile is the most elegant looking Vertu mobile phone.

Vertu Signature S Collection is truly an unmistakable and timeless collection designed to match discerning tastes; Vertu Signature Mobile is available in a variety of elegant editions. As is appropriate for a masterpiece of handmade craftsmanship, Signature comes with exclusive ring tones and alert tones. Created for Vertu by renowned composers and performed by the world- famous London Symphony Orchestra these exclusive sounds are a distinct expression of your individuality.

In collaboration with Bentley, we are excited to launch our second phone in the series, creating the beautifully designed Vertu Signature for Bentley. Balancing Bentley and Vertu’s shared focus on craftsmanship, finest materials, and striking aesthetic, the new Vertu Signature for Bentley is the epitome of luxury performance. A unique blend of the finest materials, a stunning aesthetic and the most exacting craftsmanship, Signature is created to be truly exceptional.

With Vertu, what you hold in your hand is a device with endless possibilities; from 24-hour Concierge to unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Every Vertu Signature S Mobile is handmade in England. It is the first phone ever to be hand-assembled by a single craftsman, each one bearing the individual signature of that craftsman, ensuring it surpasses your high expectations. Following are some more features of the Vertu Signature phone:

- Vertu Signature S Mobile is the result of a decade of knowledge, passion, and expertise, dedicated to creating something truly unique.

- Only our most experienced craftsmen may create Vertu Signature, and only after years of learning how to do so. Highly respected throughout the company, they are the masters of their trade.

- There are over 25 types of screw-in each Vertu Signature Model, some so small that just four human hairs fit into the thread.

- Every part of Signature is handcrafted to the most exacting specifications, of a type usually only seen in luxury watches.

- Every surface of Signature is polished to a perfect finish; a process so complex that it takes two days to complete the ceramic pillow alone.

- Our craftsmen spend weeks finishing each Signature, creating an unmistakable appearance and unmatched sensory experience.

Vertu Signature S Price includes Vertu Signature S Mobile, Vertu Box, and accessories and a leather cover  and 1 extra battery, free with your Vertu Signature S Mobile.