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Vertu Signature Touch

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Vertu Signature Touch Price in India starts from Rs 60000. Now you can buy Vertu Signature Touch Mobile Phone with 2 years warranty in India at

Vertu Signature Touch is by far the most elegant and futuristic Luxury mobile phone in the market. The Signature touch model from vertu combines the highest level of craftsmanship and technology. It has created a new revolution in the luxury mobile phone industry with its prime service known as Vertu Concierge. All Vertu Signature Touch are a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, finest English craftsmanship, and exclusive services. The new masterpieces from Vertu are designed for high performance with a crisp and clean aesthetic. The Vertu Signature Touch in India is available in a range of eye-catching colours. With Vertu signature touch you get the latest high performance smartphone, combining powerful technology with exquisite craftsmanship. The Signature Touch opens the gate for endless possibilities: from 24-hour dedicated Concierge, a curated list of unique global experiences and peace of mind with our security features.

The Signature Touch is the most high performance device ever from Vertu, with a sleek and elegant design. The Vertu Signature Touch's 5.2” Full-HD LCD display is protected by a 5th generation single piece of 130-carat solid sapphire crystal for the ultimate in transparency, colour vibrancy, image clarity, and screen durability. The sapphire crystal screen combines a high definition display with an ultra-resilient scratch proof surface. The iconic opening mechanism of vertu “The quarter Turn” has a totally different look in the Vertu Signature Touch. The New Look and mechanism is inspired by iconic sports cars and aeronautical wing design. The ergonomic gull-wing double door on the back of Vertu Signature Touch is a key feature of the Phone. It is a seamless blend of form and function, the Grade 5 brushed titanium gull-wing doors hinge along the handset's spine, respectively ensconcing the nano Sim card and micro SD cardholders. The master craftsmen who hand assemble each Vertu phone engrave their signature inside the gull-wing micro SD card holder door once they are satisfied that it meets their exacting prerequisites of perfection, making each Vertu Signature Touch a work of art.

Vertu has always used the best of the Material. This time for the Vertu Signature Touch model they have used a single piece of 130-carat solid sapphire, which is cut and carefully polished for the 5.2" display of Mobile Phone. This Sapphire crystal looks incredibly beautiful and is incredibly resilient. Its phenomenal transparency makes it optically perfect, enhancing the display's resolution, brightness, and contrast. Sapphire crystal is also used in the Signature Touch's camera lens for optimum clarity and precision in photography and filming. Its natural resilience makes it virtually scratch proof; a perfect union of Vertu's uncompromising standards and your high expectations.